Factoring & Development Management Packages

As of the 1st of July 2016 Edinburgh City Council will no longer be maintaining and repairing communal stair lighting in stairs with privately owned properties across Edinburgh.

This will effect 14,000 stairwells across Edinburgh and will save the Council an estimated £2.1 million a year. The cost both financially and in time to the many thousands of private owners and landlords across Edinburgh will likely be much greater.

Owners and landlords will have been in receipt of a letter from the Council that explains that it is their responsibility now to both monitor this as well as organising repairs when required. The Council state this is a requirement for Health and Safety reasons although many owners and landlords will be unaware that they have a joint ownership of the communal areas and as such have joint liability under common law for the welfare of visitors and users within those common stairs. This is a liability that is outwith the scope of many insurance policies covering their own properties.

LairdPS as registered factors have put together various Tenement Stair factoring packages that will address this issue as well as other common stair requirements such as stair cleaning, annual roof inspections and building a maintenance float so there are no financial surprises from month to month.

We will also deal with any communal building maintenance that is also being left to owners and landlords following the collapse of the Council Statutory Notice system.

We offer packages from £15.50 per month so if you are interested in our services or finding out more then please contact us